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Just like in any relationship, it is important that you meet the campground properly and form a first impression. We'd love for your first impression to be made while you're on a bike, riding the trails, or casting a line into the river, or bumping a ball back over the net. But we know that sometimes the best we can do is meet right here on the website. We'd love for you to hear our story and be involved in what we are doing at River Hills Retreat.

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Our Story

A few decades ago, as the money was put down on renting a campground for Florida College Summer Camp in Alabama, thoughts were stirred about how much could be done for the campers if we had a place of our own. That thought was placed on the back burner as camp continued, and year after year, the thought was stirred again at different times for different reasons. In the summer of 2022, the board of the Central Alabama Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell made the decision to test out the dream and see what could happen finally.


Due to the hard work and imaginative work of Sam White, the dream found a home. Sam took several associated with the camp to see the property and the reality started to sink in that camp could finally have a place to call home. As the dream was pursued, and more were involved, and more volunteered their time, energy, and skills, the dream quickly turned into a reality. 

Today, due to the efforts of dozens of volunteers, we have a permanent home for the Florida College Summer Camp and many other camps throughout the year. The campground also has venues for a multiplicity of other events so we can service the need of Christians year round. 

Who We Are

Marshmallows over Campfire


We are a facility that is to be used by Christians and for Christians to bring glory to God.



We want to be used year-round as a place where Christians can retreat from the world and feel at home while away from their heavenly home.



We desire to help Christians draw closer to God through their time in God's beautiful creation, worshipping Him with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

James Tackett, AL

“This place is amazing. There are no limits to what can be done out here."

Contact Us

We want to answer your questions about the campground and everything that is possible here. Contact us right away. 

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